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Wednesday 5th of May 2021 Available without prescription™ © 2015
The Constitution of the United States  With the founders' econnomic assumptions collapsing under the weight of industrial transformation, the critical question was whether the republican constitutional system could survive the shift from productive property ownership to wages. Wage labor posed challenges to republicanism. Wage laborers were dependent on other people for their economic survival, and that dependence conflicted with republicanism's requirement that citizens be free and independent. Ganesh Sitaraman, The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution © 2021
Death  Cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people. Sign on Henry Rosovsky's desk [Often attributed to Vartan Gregorian, who quoted it in his memoir, The Road to Home ] © 2021
Democracy The great advantage of the Americans is to have arrived at democracy without having to suffer democratic revolutions, and to be born equal instead of becoming so. Ganesh Sitaraman, The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution © 2021
Financial markets As an example of how regulators are allowing small investors to be harmed, [David] Einhorn [president of Greenlight Capital] highlighted Hometown Inter- national, a microstock that he said owned a single shop in rural New Jersey, but was valued at $113m as of February 8 — despite sales of only $13,976 last year.  “The pastrami must be amazing,” he joked.  Financial Times, April 17, 2021 © 2021
Justice I feel so relieved. I feel relieved. I don't see how it could have been otherwise, but I do know that it could have been otherwise. As an African-American women, I am glad that I have lived to see this in my lifetime. I never thought I would live to see it, and I'm 91 years old. Woman interviewed by Shomari Stone of NBC News after the announcement that a  white Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, had been convicted on all counts of murdering George Floyd, a black man © 2021
Justice A measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice. Kamala Harris, commenting on the conviction of white Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin on all three counts related to his May 25, 2020, nine-minute-and-twenty-nine-second knee-on-the-neck murder in public of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man pinned face down on the street against the tire of a police cruiser  © 2021
Kwiplers say Count votes in Congress by: 1. Calculating a Member's Proportional Vote (MPV) for each member, as follows: MPV = SPNP / NLRS where: SPNP = State's Percentage of the National Population NLRS = Number of Legislators Representing the State (in that legislature) 2. Totaling “yes” MPVs and “no” MPVs 3. Passing if total MPV is more than 50 OTHERWISE Abolish the Senate © 2019
Luck As lucky as a dog with two dicks. A “Boehnerism” from John Boehner © 2021
Making money the new-fashioned way Being a financial dominatrix (findomme) dominating financial submissives (finsubs) © 2021
Making money the new-fashioned way Running a collab house © 2021
Money in politics I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And you know what? When I need something from them, two years later, three years later, I call them. They are there for me. And that's a broken system. Donald Trump © 2021
Money in politics There are two things that are important in politics. The first is money, and I can't remember what the second is. Mark Hanna © 2021
Political inequality In the current Senate, Democratic senators represent more than  forty million more people than Republicans. And yet the Senate is evenly divided between the two parties. That means that Republicans are hugely favored to hold the Senate in future elections, regardless of whether the voters prefer Democratic control. And the GOP control of the Senate will give the Republicans the power to block any Democratic judicial nominations and the power to block legislation writing federal regulations into a statute. Ian Milhiser, The Agenda  [2021] © 2021
Political parties It is a cliched truism that the Democratic Party hates their base, while the Republican Party fears theirs. This is fundamentally the issue that each party must confront. Avi Rabin-Havt, Democracy Journal, Winter 2021 © 2021
Post-2020 Senate shituation 15 states (Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming) 2020 population: 40,085,414 Senators: 30 Republicans 1 Senator per 1,336,180 people 1 state (California) 2020 population: 39,368,075 Senators: 2 Democrats 1 Senator per 19,684,037 people 19,684,037 / 1,336,180 = 14.7, therefore: average 15er's vote is worth nearly 15 times a Californian's, a Californian's vote is worth less than 7% of an average 15er's 1 state (Wyoming) 2020 population = 582,328, therefore: 1 Senator per 291,164 Wyomians, a Wyomian's vote is worth 68 times a Californian's, a Californian's vote is worth 1.5% of a Wyomian's  © 2021
Punt returners say Which one? The proper response when asked, What do you think about yesterday's shooting? © 2021
Science For the discipline of science is the only one which gives any assurance that from the same set of facts men will come approximately to the same conclusion. And as the modern world can be civilized only by the effort of innumerable people we have a right to call science the discipline of democracy. Walter Lippmann, Drift and Mastery  © 2021
Snapshot There is nothing more dangerous than a reckless asshole who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Senator Ted Cruz.  Ted Cruz portrayed by John Boehner © 2021
Snapshot I like Ted Cruz more than most of my colleagues like Ted Cruz. And I hate Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz portrayed by Senator Al Franken © 2021
Snapshot If only Falcone would stay in front of the camera. Ben Falcone, the screenwriter who appeared in Thunder Force,  a film he wrote, portrayed by reviewer Raphael Abraham in Financial Times, April 14, 2021 © 2021
Snapshot Roth was never to be a mute inglorious Milton. To imagine him without fame is to strip him bare. Philip Roth portrayed by Cynthia Ozick © 2021
Snapshot Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch.  Anastasio Somoza García, Nicaraguan dictator, portrayed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt © 2021
Taxes When they evaluate their taxes, people bring a version of consumer fairness with them. Americans do not only want a free lunch. As the saying goes, there no such thing. As consumers, they're willing to pay more when the costs of producing a good are made salient, or when a price increase appears commensurate to perceived costs to the firm. Similarly, when people are led to believe that government costs approximte the value of benefits that government provides, they respond by viewing their taxes more favorably than they would otherwise. Counterintuitive though it may sound, present- ing costs and benefits together can have just as powerful effects on attitudes toward taxes as presenting the value of the benefits alone. Ethan Porter, Democracy Journal, Winter 2021 © 2021
Trumpists say There will be a smooth transition, and I believe President Trump will have a very good inaugural. Kevin McCarthy, September 24, 2020 © 2021
Trumpists say Today is 1776. Lauren Bobert, QAnon's representative from Colorado, 8:30 AM – Jan 6, 2021 © 2021
Voting rights c) the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amend- ments to the Constitution are regarded by much of the South as inorganic accretions to the original document, grafted upon it by victors-at-war by force; that d) the South should, if it determines to disfranchise the marginal Negro, do so by enacting laws that apply equally to blacks and whites, thus living up to the spirit of the Constitution, and the letter of the Fifteenth Amendment to it. William F. Buckley, Jr., “A Clarification,” National Review, September 7, 1957  © 2021
Wealth inequality Most of the inequality in colonial America was between regions, so when [Peter] Lindert and [Jeffrey] Williamson broke down the data by regions, they found even greater egaitarianism. New England's Gini coefficient was .367, the Middle Atlantic .376, and the free South .341. Those numbers are similar to America in the late 1960s period (the Gini in 1968 was .371). As a comparison, the South, including slaves, had a Gini coefficient of .464, almost identical to 2012 America (.463) after tax and transfer payments. In other words, America today is almost exactly as unequal as the slave-holding South in 1774. Ganesh Sitaraman, The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution © 2021