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Tuesday 21st of January 2020 Available without prescription™ © 2015
2020 Presidential election It is almost impossible for Mr Trump to disappoint people. They never had hopes to dash. … Many others never believed that he or anyone else could, in that tellingly vague aspiration, make America great again. Their vote was more a howl against perceived national decline than a calculated attempt to arrest it. They are not standing over his shoulder with key performance indicators. That would imply some hope in the first place. Janan Ganesh, Financial Times, January 1, 2020 © 2020
2020 Presidential election Soliciting opinions on the eve of 2020, I find that people who least desire a second term for the US president are the quickest to predict it. Janan Ganesh, Financial Times, January 1, 2020 © 2020
Economics For far too long, the economics profession has had physics envy, rewarding and promoting people who are better at maths than morality. Rana Foroohar, Financial Times, December 16, 2019 © 2019
Global warming Maybe you are simply not mature enough to tell it like it is, because even that burden you leave to us children. We become the bad guys who have to tell people these uncomfortable things, because no one else wants to, or dares to. Greta Thunberg, to the French parliament © 2019
Globalization I hear people say we have to stop and debate globalisation. You might as well debate whether autumn should follow summer. Tony Blair, 2005 © 2019
Government Procedure is where romantic ideas about legislators as the voice of the people collide with institutional reality. Lawrence Tribe and Joshua Matz, To End a Presidency  © 2020
Impeachment The Constittution places a life-or-death bet on the American people and their representatives. It gambles that presidential misconduct risking grave harm to the nation will arouse unified popular opposition so strong that it prevails over partisanship, personal loyalty and political inertia. This is a noble wager. If the public won't resist tyrants and defend its form of government, the game is already lost. Lawrence Tribe and Joshua Matz, To End a Presidency  © 2020
Impeachment DONALD TRUMP: When she [Nancy Pelosi] first got in and was named Speaker, I met her. And I'm very impressed by her. I think she's a very impressive person. I like her a lot. But I was surprised that she didn't do more in terms of Bush and going after Bush. It was almost – it just seemed like she was going to really look to impeach Bush and get him out of office, which personally I think would have been a wonderful thing. WOLF BLITZER: Impeaching him? DONALD TRUMP: Absolutely. For the war. For the war! Well, he lied! He got us into a war with lies, and I mean, look at the trou- ble Bill Clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant and they tried to impeach him, which was nonsense. From a 2008 interview © 2020
Impeachment A good magisate will not fear them. A bad one ought to be kept in fear of them. Elbridge Gerry © 2020
Impeachment Impeachment shouldn't be considered as merely a cleaner and more orderly form of assassination. Rather it's a democratic process by which the American people, speaking through Congress, decide that for the constitutional system to live, a presidency must die. Lawrence Tribe and Joshua Matz, To End a Presidency  © 2020
Impeachment Moreover, even if a decisive majority of the American electorate does  awaken to the onset of tyranny, all it takes to block impeachment is enough support to sway thirty-four senators. Particularly in light of the Senate's unrepresentative composition, which gives small states an outsized voice in government, a president backed by less than 20 percent of registered votes can become practically immune to removal. Lawrence Tribe and Joshua Matz, To End a Presidency  © 2020
Impeachment Some mode of displacing an unfit magistrate is rendered indispensable by the fallibility of those who choose, as well as by the corruptibility of the man chosen. George Mason © 2020
Kwiplers say Calculate the minimum wage as follows: MW = CMHI / CMHS × WPY × HPW where: MW = Minimum Wage CMHI = Current Median Household Income, e.g., $65,000 CMHS = Current Median Household Size, e.g., 2.1 people WPY = Workdays Per Year, e.g., 240 HPW = Hours Per Workday, e.g., 8 [MW would be $16.12 using data above] © 2019
Kwiplers say Count votes in Congress by: 1. Calculating a Member's Proportional Vote (MPV) for each member, as follows: MPV = SPNP / NLRS where: SPNP = State's Percentage of the National Population NLRS = Number of Legislators Representing the State (in that legislature) 2. Totaling “yes” MPVs and “no” MPVs 3. Passing if total MPV is more than 50 OTHERWISE Abolish the Senate © 2019
Making money the new-fashioned way Owning a ghost kitchen © 2020
Partisanship For all its viciousness, partisanship makes for a perverse kind of stability in which electoral outcomes only ever vary within a tight range, even when one candidate is an impeached Twitter addict. The incentive structure this sets up for politicians is too dismal to contemplate, suggesting as it does that one can do literally anything and remain electorally viable for the grandest office on Earth. Janan Ganesh, Financial Times, January 1, 2020 © 2020
Post-2018 Senate shituation 15 states (Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming) 2018 population: 40,056,961 Senators: 30 Republicans 1 Senator per 1,335,232 people 1 state (California) 2018 population: 39,776,830 Senators: 2 Democrats 1 Senator per 19,888,415 people 19,888,415 / 1,335,232 = 16, therefore: average 15er's vote is worth 16 times a Californian's, a Californian's vote is worth 6% of an average 15er's 1 state (Wyoming) 2018 population = 573,720, therefore: 1 Senator per 286,860 Wyomians, a Wyomian's vote is worth 69 times a Californian's, a Californian's vote is worth 1.4% of a Wyomian's © 2016
Selfie And my attitude about my legacy is Fuck it. Rudy Giuliani © 2020
Selfie With the exception of the late, great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that's ever held the office. That I can tell you. It's real easy. Donald Trump © 2019
Snapshot They have no respect for him, indeed they seem to palpitate with contempt for him, and to regard their mission as equivalent to being stewards for a syphilitc emperor. Trump White House staff members portrayed by Ross Douthat, New York Times, May 6, 2017 © 2020
The South We may say that, only at the moment when Lee handed Grant his sword was the Confederacy born, or, to state the matter another way, in the moment of death the Confederacy entered upon its immortality. Robert Penn Warren © 2020
State of the union Call it the Tribe/Matz Hypothesis: As discussion of US politics continues in the early twenty-first century, the probability that someone references presidential impeachment approaches 1.0. Lawrence Tribe and Joshua Matz, To End a Presidency  © 2020
State of the union Declinism is no longer just a trope of current affairs non-fiction. It is the national mood, and it predates Mr Trump. Janan Ganesh, Financial Times, January 1, 2020 © 2020
State of the union We've got this perverse situation in which the vast analytic powers of the entire world are being spent trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar. David Brooks, New York Times, May 15, 2017 © 2020
Tech bros say Here's looking at you --> © 2019
Trumpists say Nobody is going to consider impeachment if public opinion has concluded that this is an unfair investigation, and that's why public opinion is so important. Rudy Giuliani, commenting on Mueller's investigation © 2019
Unions In many corporations, the mentality is that any supervisor, whether a factory manager or retail manager, who fails to keep out a union is an utter failure. That means managers fight hard to quash unions. One study found that 57 percent of employers threatened to close operations when workers sought to unionize, while 47 percent threatened to cut wages or benefits and 34 percent fired union supporters during unionization drives. Steven Greenhouse, New York Times, August 3, 2019 © 2019