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Kwiple dictionary accountability (ə koun'tə bil'i tē), n. What the rich and powerful expect from inferiors, along with respect. © 2018 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary ad blocking (ad blok'ing), n. A digital extortion scheme in which a developer creates software that allows users to prevent ads from appearing on pages they view, which steals customers from advertisers, while also creating an ad marketing service that places ads on pages using ad blockers in exhange for payments from advertisers for returning their customers, which gives the middle finger to users who tried preventing ads from appearing © 2016 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary banking (bangk'ing), n. Synonym for gambling. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary barr (bär), v., barred, barring To pander to presidential power. © 2019 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary basket of deplorables (bas'kit ov di plôr'ə bəls), n. Collective name for Trump's major supporters and allies, including: Roger Ailes, sexual predator; Steve Bannon, platform provider for white supremacists and conspiracy theorists; Chris Christie, Republican jetsam; Ann Coulter, self-described “mean- spirited bigot”; Rudy Giuliani, 9/11's prime beneficiary; Sean Hannity, Fox News dumbass; Paul Manafort, adviser to dictators; Roger Stone, self-described “dirty trickster”; Donald Turmp, Jr. and Eric Trump, America's Uday and Qusay © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary basket of deplorables (bas'kit ov di plôr'ə bəls), n. Collective name for Trump's major supporters and allies, including: Julian Assange, fugitive hacker and Russian courier; David Duke, white nationalist and anti-Semite; Newt Gingrich, serial adulterer; Jared Kushner, son-in-law admitted to Harvard after father's $2.5 million gift, to NYU Law School after his $3 million gift; Vladimir Putin, Trump's hardest working volunteer; Jeff Sessions, racist and xenophobe; Paul Singer, vulture capitalist who's made billions off asbestos, cholera and the poor © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary basket of deplorables (bas'kit ov di plôr'ə bəls), n. Collective name for Trump's major supporters and allies, including: Michael G. Flynn, propagator of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory; Michael T. Flynn, pizzagater's father and inventor of “Flynn facts;” Scott Pruitt, climate denier; Kellyanne Conway, Minister of Propaganda and inventor of “alternative facts;” Rex Tillerson, Putin's friend; Tom Price, advocate for doctors' welfare; Ben Carson, stabbing expert and Jesus's buddy; Ryan Zinke, the “[Briefly Acting] American Commander” © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary basket of deplorables (bas'kit ov di plôr'ə bəls), n. Collective name for Trump's major supporters and allies, including: Sarah Palin, funny, ha ha, not funny; Katrina Pierson, Tea Party shoplifter; Ken Blackwell, homophobe and pay- for-play politician; Monica Crowley, plagiarist; Myron Ebell, scientific illiterate and climate denier; Rick Perry, duh obvious choice for Energy secretary; Joseph Arpaio, birther, racist sheriff and immigrant hunter ; Frank Gaffney, conspiracy theorist and Joseph McCarthy wannabe; Linda McMahon, as real as wrestling © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary basket of deplorables (bas'kit ov di plôr'ə bəls), n. Collective name for Trump's major supporters and allies, including: Mike Pence, wannabe burier of aborted fetuses; Betsy DeVos, billionaire shifter of public funds to private and Christian schools; Andy Puzder, every robot's BFF; Vincent Viola, billionaire flash boy; Wilbur Ross, billionaire “King of Bankruptcy”; Steven Mnuchin, who “forgot” to disclose $100 million in assets and directorship of an investment fund in a tax haven; Richard B. Spencer, theorist of white supremacy © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary bleeding hearts (blēd'ing härts), n. What those who don't care about others call those who do. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary chickenhawk (chik'ən hôk'), n. A person, usually Republican, who clamors for war but never volunteered or served on active duty in any war for which s/he was eligible for service. Also called a freeloader  or sponger. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary children (chil'drən), n. The fliers that coach seats on airplanes were designed to hold comfortably. © 2018 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary Congress (kong'gris), n. Playing field and farm team for lobbyists. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary cost cutting (kôst kut'ing), n. Euphemism for firing people. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary creationism (krē ā'shən iz'əm), n. As Margaret Mead said, “The belief that Rome was  built in a day.” © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary deregulation (dē reg'yə lā'shən), n. The process, performed under the guise of ending regulations, of replacing ones fostering public interests with ones fostering private interests. © 2016 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary dynamic scoring (dī nam'ik scôr' ring), n. The process used to find the assumptions needed to “prove” that lowering taxes on the rich, lowering spending on the non- rich, and increasing spending on the military will benefit more people more than any other possible set of policies. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary e-commerce (ē'kom'ərs), n. Killer of jobs, killer of sales tax revenues, killer of local services, killer of local communities, incubator of inequality. © 2016 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary entrepreneur (än'trə prə nûr’), n. What owners of software platforms for service industries call workers who depend on the platform to get work, who use their own assets, and who assume all work-related risks. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary evangelical (ē' van jel'i kəl), n. Synonym for hypocrite. © 2018 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary experience (ik spēr'ē əns), n. Anything product designers impose upon you. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary fake news (fāk no̅o̅z), n. To Trump supporters and conservatives, news accounts that cast doubts on them, their claims or their agenda; to others, phony news accounts meant to be spread virally via social media © 2016 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary First Amendment (fûrst ə mend' ment), n. According to Supreme Court decisions since the mid-1970s, it's the Constitutional provision that guarantees corporations and non-profits the right to spend unlimited amounts to buy elections, legislatures and courts, and ordinary people the right to burn flags in protest, except on its grounds. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary flexible labor (flek'sə bəl lā'bər), n. Disposible workers. Human Pez. © 2018 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary free markets (frē mär'kitz), verbal phrase. Once a qualified noun (like free  beer), now a verbal phrase (like Free Willy) meaning to understaff and underfund regulatory agencies and to castrate and eviscerate the remains while fulminating about their size and power. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary gig economy (gig i kon'ə mē), n. An economy in which apps are pimps. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary hip (hip), adj. Fashion or behavior popular in Bushwick or Williamsburg, Brooklyn, such as skinny jeans or craft beer, five years before becoming mainstream. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary the Honorable (thə on'ər ə bəl) adjectival phrase. A gender-neutral adjectival phrase traditionally placed before the name of a current or past holder of a high office. When in used before Donald Trump's name or the name of one of his kiss-asses, such as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Devin Nunes, Mike Pence or Betsy DeVos, the usage is ipso facto  ironic. © 2018 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary luxury apartment (luk'zha rē ə pärt'mənt), n. An apartment with hot running water and toilets en suite. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary mandatory arbitration (man'də tôr'ē är'bi trā'shən), n. A process a company uses to cut its costs by forcing people to give up their right to sue it – especially in a class action suit – in exchange for giving it the right repossess or foreclose on their property, and to collect financial damages from them based on the decision made by an arbitrator it selected and paid and whose decision can only be appealed at prohibitive time and cost. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary mergers and acquisitions (mûr'jərs and ak'wə zish'əns), n. The branch of finance based on the notion that life's better when 1 job + 1 job = 1.2 jobs. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary Middle East (mid'l ēst), n. Where spillovers come from. © 2016 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary modern day presidential (mod'ərn dā prez'i den'shəl) adjectival phrase. Synonoym for certifiable  or insane,  as in “His behavior is modern day presidential.” © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary multinational corporation (mul'tē nash'ə nl kôr'pə rā'shən), n. A corporation far surpassing pre- revolutionary French aristocrats in its global reach, ownership of the Earth's resources, accumula- tion of wealth, desire for tax avoidance and lack of a sense of obligation or loyalty to its workers and others, but has yet to face its 1789. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary news (no̅o̅z), n. Information that reinforces or reaffirms previously held beliefs. © 2016 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary not now (not nou), adverbial phrase. According to leaders of the NRA, it's the only time to talk about gun control. © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary the office (thə ô'fis), n. A place where you must take stupid stuff seriously © 2016 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary patent troll (pat'nt trōl), n. Synonym for extortiuonist. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary Pax Americana (paks' ə mer'i kan'ə), n. Widely believed to be Latin for “We pay, they get a free ride” © 2016 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary pharmaceutical (fär'mə so̅o̅'ti kəl), adj. Synonym for price-gouging, as in, “Gilead Sciences, Horizon Pharma, Rodelis Therapeutics, Turing Laboratories and Valeant Pharmaceuticals International are pharmaceutical companies.” © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary plutocrat (plū'tə krat'), n. A person who spends millions or billions furthering his interests by creating “grass roots” front organizations to do his bidding in courts of law and the court of public opinion, often by inciting outrage against alleged “elites.” © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary pregnancy (preg'nən sē), n. The Number 1 killer of women's careers. Called off-the-job injury by lawyers for UPS. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary regulatory capture (reg'ya lə tōr'ē kap'chər), n. The situation that results from letting a corporate fox guard a government henhouse. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary Republican Party (ri pub'li kən pär'tē), n. The native habitat of the common American fat-lipped toady. © 2018 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary reshoring (ri shôr'ing), n. Replacing low-paid workers overseas with cheaper robots here. © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary right to work law (rīt tōō wûrk lō), n. A law intended to kill unions by guaranteeing those who don't join all the rights and benefits unions win for their members, without having to pay union dues. Popular with Republicans and free riders, a large subset of the morally handicapped. © 2016 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary rudy (ro̅o̅'dē), v., rudied, rudying To attempt to remain relevant by kissing ass in public. © 2019 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary self-employed (self em ploid'), adj. How 50- and 60-year-olds describe themselves after exhausting unemployment insurance. Also called freelancing. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary sharing economy (shâr'ing i kon'ə mē), n. Synonym for anxiety  and insecurity ; antonym of shared prosperity. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary significant other (sig nif'i kənt uth'ər), n. Less and less, one's spouse or lover; more and more, one's avatar. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary sinema (sin' ə mə), n. A self-centered, self-aggrandizing dumbass advised by yokels © 2021 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary social media (sō'shəl mē'dē ə), n. The  place for dick pics and nude selfies of adolsecents and others seeking “likes” © 2016 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary standing still (stan'ding stil), participial phrase. Synonym for running harder and harder. © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary sweinstein (swīn'stēn), v. To ejaculate into a potted plant © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary targeted advertising (tar' gi tid ad'vər tīz ing), n. The use of surveillance software that enters users' computers without their knowledge, circum- vents or disables their security software, renders their devices and online accounts susceptible to hacking, and destroys their privacy, all in order to send them online ads, many of which do the same. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary tax avoidance (taks ə void'ance), n. The most common and lucrative endeavor avidly pursued by the morally handicapped at the expense of the honest and honorable. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary tort reform (tôrt ri fôrm'), n. A corporate-sponsored movement to achieve (1) legal immunity for damages or injuries resulting from using their products, and (2) legal immunity from being sued or having to provide victims with financial compensation. A post-tort-reform example: Your baby becomes mentally retarded from eating peeling paint. Tough shit. Learn to be a better parent. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary trickle down (trik'əl doun), phrasal verb of  trickle Euphemism for shit rolls down- hill. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary trigger trash (trig'ər trash), n. (1) What gun lovers call the beer cans, car parts, sofas and other stuff they deposit in forests and on public lands for target practice (2) What others call the gun lovers © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary values (val'yo̅o̅z), n. The buttons to push to get people to vote against their economic interests and – if the system works as intended – unwittingly for their enemies' © 2017 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary vulture capitalist (vul'chə kap'i tl ist), n. A financial terrorist specializing in raping impoverished or bankrupt debtors, thereby proving he is — not has — the biggest dick on Wall Street. Ironically called a holdout. © 2015 Kwiple.com
Kwiple dictionary yanezthetize (yə nez thə tīz), v. To authorize a white dressed in blue to kill a black. Memorializes Jeronimo Yanez, the St. Anthony, Minnesota, cop who panicked during a traffic stop, was live-streamed on Facebook from inside Philando Castile's car and caught on a police dashcam video as he shot Castile seven times, claimed he felt threatened when Castile followed his orders, lied about what he saw in court, and was acquitted of all charges. © 2017 Kwiple.com